Groundhog Extermination Tips

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, don't eat wood. Their primary sources of food are vegetation, nuts, grass, and small insects. On average, they weigh four to nine pounds. Their life span is about six years, Approximately. They make underground tunnels having an entry, an exit hole, the length of the tunnel can be approximately 2 miles long. Groundhogs hibernate during the winter season, for this purpose they usually dug a separate den. If you want to get rid of them, spring is the time for that, so most of the methods like trapping or poisoning are best during the spring season.

They can be aggressive when threatened; they also have sharp claws; everyone is a predator to them, so you need to stay away from these animals.

Some states have laws towards the treatment of groundhog problems, so it is essential to check with your state wildlife division before taking any steps for removal or extermination of woodchucks.

Methods to Prevent Groundhogs 

Five simple steps to avoid or kill the woodchucks

  • Scattering Pet or human hairs
  • Spread Agricultural Lime 
  • Use fencing 
  • Bait and catch them
  • Use of ammonia, talcum powder, Garlic, and pepper

Scattering Pet or human hairs 

To Groundhogs, Cats and dogs are seen as predators, So, getting a pet is a solution. But if you can't get a dog/cat, you can borrow some cat litter or dog urine or their hairs and sprinkle them around your garden. If you have located groundhogs� tunnels, then pour cat litter or dog urine in and around their entrances, groundhogs will move to some else space once they know they are not safe here. To prevent them from coming back, sprinkle dog or cat hairs and urine or litter around the perimeter of your garden. 

Another way is to use human hair the same way, put the clippings of your hair and put them in a mesh bag, and spread the bags around your garden.

Spread Agricultural Lime 

Agricultural lime can burn the feet of groundhogs; you can spread it in and around their hole's entrances or spread around the plants you want to prevent from eating by the groundhogs.

Use fencing 

To keep them away from entering your garden once you have Scarred them away, install fencing around your yard/garden, Fence should be 2 feet deep in the ground to prevent them making a tunnel and 3 feet above the ground to prevent them from jumping over the Fence  

Bait and catch them 

Steps of installing the trap:

  1. Cover your hands with thick rubber gloves to prevent your scent from transferring to the cage.
  2. Cover the trap with twigs and leaves and put a brick on top of the trap to stop it from moving
  3. Use a sweet fruit
  4. Install the trap 5 to 10 feet away from their tunnels exit holes
  5. Keep a close eye on the cage
  6. Once it's trapped, put a towel on the cage to prevent the animal from getting anxious, also wear gloves so that you don't catch any disease
  7. Drive them five to ten miles away, to release them then choose a wooded covered area

Extermination tips using some Materials 

Groundhogs can't bear pungent smells, so there are few things that you can easily find and use from your kitchen.


Pour ammonia in and around the entrances of their burrows; they will stop using it right away and dug new ones somewhere else.

Garlic and Pepper 

Spread Garlic and pepper's smell around your garden, you can use crushed or can make a spray with these two ingredients.

Talcum Powder

Woodchucks will stay away from anything having a talcum powder smell because they hate it. However, it is only useful in keeping them away from eating individual plants; Talcum powder is not strong enough to deter them from make tunnels in your yard.

Animal Repellent 

Buy some animal repellent form the store; they cost under ten dollars. Although animal repellent will only prevent them from eating your vegetables and plants, it is not strong enough to get rid of groundhogs once in for all. Also, you will need to spray repellent every day.

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